Three Reasons to Start a Lawn Business:

1. More Freedom - You'll have freedom to control your schedule.

2. Unlimited Income Potential - Your income potential is truely unlimited.

3. Respect From Others - Let's face it people in our society respect business owners.

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Should You Start A Lawn Business?

First You Better Get The Big, Ugly Picture...!
start a lawn business

According to most estimates there are approximately 80,000 lawn and landscape businesses in America. Of that 80,000, over 15,000 of those will go out of business this year, and approximately 28,000 more will be out of business within 3 years.

That's a heck of a LOT of people who start a lawn business that won't survive! In three years, that's approximately 43,000 lawn businesses that will no longer exist (roughly 50% of all lawn companies)! Let's put this in perspective...

In three years over 50% off all the current lawn businesses will no longer exist. But there will still be a total of around 80,000 lawn businesses in 3 years. That means approximately 40,000 new lawn businesses will be started in the next three years.

Will you be one of the 43,000 people who
start a lawn business that will shut down in the next three years?

What are the biggest challenges people who start lawn businesses face? The most common problems that cause lawn businesses to fail, fall into one of three categories.

    1. How to get more customers. (Residential and/or Commercial)

    2. How to make more profit. (Put more money in your pocket)

    3. Employee problems. (Finding the ideal employees)
If you're anything like the majority of people who start a lawn business, you will have problems in one or more of these areas.

Friend, if you keep reading, you'll learn how you can easily prevent and correct all three of these common lawn business problems.

If you don't quickly (in the first three years) find the solutions to these common problems, you will likely become another statistic.

Let's be honest with each other....

  Do you know how to get (high profit) customers?

  Do you know how to make more profit from your current customers? (Lawn Marketing can help.)

  Do you where to find good employees?

Although they seem like minor problems, if left uncorrected they can (and likely will) result in your lawn business failing.

Here's Some Really Good News.... You Can Quickly And Easily Learn To Prevent And Fix These Problems And Transform Your Lawn Business.

Here's what I mean:

Over 40,000 people who start a lawn business will blindly move forward each day thinking these problems will work themselves out.....

But one by one they are slowly forced to close their lawn business and go back to work for "the man". Do you enjoy having someone constantly tell you when to be at work and when you can leave? Is that what you want to spend the rest of your life doing?

Start a Lawn Business That Can Not Only Survive, But With A Little Guidance It Will Thrive!


Give me just 5 more minutes and I'll show you how to easily prevent and correct the three most common problems that cause lawn businesses to fail.

But you have to be willing to take action and prepared make small changes in the way you operate your lawn business.

Which means...

There is an exact path, specifically for you to easily prevent and correct these problems.

Let's look at the first problem.....


   Yes, get high profit customers!
   Even if your market appears over saturated with $15.00 a cut guys...
   Even if you don't have any extra money to invest in marketing...

Once you start a lawn business, one key to getting high profit customers is to let your current customers send you business. (Even if you currently only have 1 or 2 customers. If you don't have any customers I'll show you how to get your first customers.)

Here are the three keys to getting your customers to market for you:

   Exceed Expectations Why would a customer want to tell their friends and family about your lawn business if you only provide mediocre lawn service? You must exceed expectations every single time! By being terrific, you make them look terrific for recommending you to their friends. (Don't start a lawn business if you're not going to exceed expectations.)
  Build Trust Even if you exceed their expectations, your customer must trust you. This is why their perceived image of you is so important. You, your employees, and your company must always appear to be trustworthy. (Build a Fence around your customers.)
  Train Them You must train your customers to become evangelists for you; they will never do it on their own. Training your customers is far easier than you think.

When you have the right info and strategies, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding.... My Lawn Business Owner Insider Club will teach you exactly how to exceed expectations, build trust and train your customers to do all the work so you don't have to.


   Yes, get more profit from current customers as well as future customers!
   Even if you think your customers are the cheapest people in the world...
   Even if you think you're a low profit customer magnet....

There are two basic ways to increase profit:

  Charge more money!
  Spend Less!

Either way will increase your profit margins.

In the lawn business, a lot of time is spent driving to and from your clients house or business. So a great way to increase your profit is to make more money from each of your current customers. I mean you're already there, why don't you get more money while you're there?

By learning to ask one question you can easily make more money from each of your current customers. Want to know the question? Ok...

"Would you like fries with that?"

I don't have time to go into a lot of detail here, but McDonalds is the King of the up-sell. That simply means they make more money from each customer.

You have to learn to do the exact same thing. There are dozens of questions you could ask your customer while you are there. For example:

Would you like me to trim your hedges for $X ?
Would you like me to fertilize your shrubs for only $X while I'm here.
Would you like me to re-mulch your beds for only $ X?

You get the idea. My Lawn Business Owner Insider Club will show you exactly what questions to ask. It will also give you ideas to reduce your costs. You can learn more about Lawn Marketing and increasing profits. Both will help you operate a MUCH more profitable company.

Let's quickly look at how to correct the third and often fatal problem before you start a lawn business.


   Yes, how to find and attract the best employees!
   Even if you can't afford to pay more than your competitors...
   Even if you don't have employees...

There are only two types of people reading this, those who have already started a lawn business, and those about to start a lawn business. If you currently have employees, you have likely had problems. If you don't currently have employees you will have employees at some point, if your business continues to grow .

I've had just about every type of employee problem you could possibly imagine. From stealing equipment, to getting arrested. So I know the headaches that can come from trying to find and manage good employees.

Trust Me, Your Employees Can Make Or Break Your Lawn Business!

Here are a couple of things I learned:

    1. You will greatly reduce the problems you have by setting clear expectations and guidelines before you hire an employee.)

    2. Treat your employees like business partners not employees. Give them a title, ie. Vice President of Lawn Maintenance. Reward them with small unexpected gifts when they do something great.

For example, I had an employee who loved peanut M & M's. One week he finished way ahead of schedule (without compromising quality) so I went to Sam's Club and bought him a huge box of peanut M & M's (it cost less than $15). When I gave it to him you would have thought I just handed him a million dollar check.

My Strong hunch is that if you've read this far you are seriously considering starting a lawn business of your own. Go ahead and take the first step.  This site will help you learn not only How to Start a Lawn Business, but how to effeciently and effectively grow your lawn business after you start a lawn business.

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